Mudeford fun with friends

Mudeford fun with friends


These two little ladies have been friends since they were 2 months’ old. NCT buddies, flung together in a church hall in Hitchin where their mummies helped keep each other sane through the ups and downs of the early days of motherhood, their friendship has blossomed from milk and nap dates, to sandcastle creations, cartwheels and upside down tickles on the New Forest coast.

Despite now living hundreds of miles apart, their mummies cherish their own friendship, as well as that of their feisty, independent, strong, caring and beautiful daughters. Seeing the excitement on their faces and the big squeezy cuddles they shared as they saw each other after a year apart is what life and friendship is all about.

The days are long, but the years are short and these girls are growing so fast. How special to have friends to share the growing up years with.

I’m so grateful I met these lovely ladies. And of course, this man*, Daddy to my little pickle.

*Not this man. Even if his life ring is a name check ;)

*This man x

Here’s to friendship x