Mummy and me – an hour in the life with little R

Mummy and me – an hour in the life with little R

Meeting this little chap kept me very happily entertained as I shadowed him and his mummy, snapping away through cuddles, sleep and feeds, yawns, giggles, smiles and – got to be honest – a few quizzical frowns too.

Little R is one of the most chilled little men I’ve ever met, happily drifting from nap to feed to change to nap, to bounce and cuddles. Tough life with his lovely mummy!

❤ those eyes

I love my ‘hour in the life’ at home sessions. [They’re usually a little longer than an hour, but ‘an hour or two in the life’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…]. There’s no pressure to be anything but yourselves, doing what you’d usually be doing – feeding, napping, bath time, stories, playing bricks or cars, dress up, playdoh or snuggles or tickle fights on the bed.

I’m all for genuine moments over perfectly choreographed perfection – even if that means a few tears and tantrums creep into the mix. I want my family sessions to show the essence of who you are as a family, how you are with each other, comfortable, relaxed and natural, not stiff, posed and awkward.

I also have a real soft spot for mummy-and-me, or daddy-and-me sessions – shoots where we spend the entire time capturing the unique bond between you. After all, how many photos do you have of you and your little one together, not posing, not squinting or craning your neck awkwardly to get the perfect selfie? For a photographer my selfie game is embarrassingly bad. My phone’s jam packed with photos of my little one with Daddy, but precious few of her with me. That’s a shame.

Anyway, that’s enough about my mummy-and-me sessions. Meet little R and his lovely mummy… x

I love how, in the early months, their little legs are all crunched up ❤

What are you looking at?

Little fingers, little toes. They don’t stay little forever, so I make the most of capturing some close-ups.

Teeny, tiny fingers and fingernails.

Those eyes again. Could they get any bluer?… 1,2,3…

…zonk. zzzzz.

[Mummy knows.]

Graaaaaaaa. Who woke me up?…

Ewan to the rescue.

[If you’re a sleep deprived parent and haven’t yet discovered the magical, sleep inducing, powers of Ewan the Dream Sheep, take a look. Not an ad, but Ewan – or ‘Baa’ to our little one – became so integral to our sleep and sanity that we bought a Back-Up Baa so we were never without his magical white-noise crackle. You’re welcome.]

You are here. Yes, yes you are little man. 

Thanks for having me. What a lucky chap little R is.