my documentary photography style

Documentary, photo-journalistic, reportage, candid. There are a host of words to describe unposed wedding photography.

When my husband and I got married, we knew that we wanted our photo album to tell the story of our day as honestly and as warmly as possible. 

Looking back, if we had to describe the photographic ‘style’ we were looking for, it was ‘documentary with empathy’ – we wanted someone who would capture events as they happened, but with a creative eye and an intuitive understanding of how we would want to remember the day. 




We didn’t want to spend hours posing – we just wanted to be able to relax and do our thing – and for our photographer to record it all as it happened.

Subconsciously we created an ‘our ideal wedding photographer wish list’ – a mix not only of the photographic style we were looking for, but also of the kind of person we wanted to share our day with. That subconscious list has shaped my own approach to the way I work as a wedding photographer.


engaged couple in ruined church window

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want your wedding photographer to be calm and confident – assured, not bossy. Fun, yet discreet. Someone with an eye for detail, with the experience and intuition to anticipate and capture interactions and moments – the moments you see and won’t want to forget – and the moments no one sees – but wishes they had.

As your wedding photographer I’ll be all of this, as well as :

Couple at Hunters Hall

After all, you’re inviting a stranger into your most important and special of days (rest-assured, I won’t be a stranger by the end of the day). You’ll want someone you know you and your guests will get on with. Someone you can, in the nicest-possible way, forget about whilst you get on with enjoying your day.


I’ve never been comfortable in front of the camera, so I know the fear of having a lens in my face. That’s not how I work and you’ll forget I’m there.


From The Dress to the table settings and everything in between, I know that whilst people matter most, the details do too. I’ll be on the lookout for all the little touches and story-telling clues about your day, finding ways to capture them honestly and creatively as part of your story.


Both in terms of moments captured and the delivered edits. I hardly ever edit in photoshop, so there’ll be no photoshopped boobs, longer legs or tummy tucks. BUT I’ll use my understanding of light and angles to give you the very best version of you. Naturally.

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