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This is me, Jo Quint. And I love weddings. Always have, always will. Since wayyyyyyy before I became a wedding photographer I’ve loved everything about them; the love stories, the early morning nerves and the oh-my-gosh-today’s-the-day excitement, the ceremony, the first kiss, the speeches (I always carry a packet of tissues – I love a good teary Father of the Bride tale as much as the next guest), the outfits, the confetti (I LOVE it when guests fully commit as if confetti throwing were an Olympic sport), the big belly laughs, the big squeezy hugs with Aunty Hilda, and Uncle Pete strutting his stuff on the dance floor. 



Since way back when, I’ve always had a camera with me, I was always ‘that friend’ with the camera on school trips, a holiday, a family get together or on a random night out. I happily spent my pocket money on having my rolls of film developed – sending them off to Bonus Print and counting the days til the packet landed with a satisfying thud on the doormat.

I’ve studied photography at college (not that that in itself really means all that much, but it cemented my love for seeing light and shadow and storytelling through imagery), I’ve trained with some brilliant academies and professional photographers, including The Trained Eye , Alan Law and Kate Hopewell-Smith, as well as second shooting for and working with a bunch of brilliantly talented photographers.

Here I am chucking bean bags back to wedding guests as I take cover whilst shooting at the tin can alley. Thanks to Rafe Abrook for the action shot.

Jo Quint wedding photographer in action

random facts about me

 lHome is Hitchin in Hertfordshire. I grew up in the Midlands, spent almost 10 years in Hampshire (I miss the sea) and love any excuse to travel, visit new places and retrace my steps to the places I’ve called home over the years. Just don’t make me stay in a caravan*.

If you’ve ever tried to email me, you’ll know all too well what a ridiculously long business name, Quintessential Photography actually is. Sorry about that. Anyway, here’s the tale. I was born a Sloane and married a Quint. He says I traded up; we agree to disagree (though of course I’m right). That said, marrying a Quint was a gift from the play on words Gods, so when we got married, our guests were invited to our Quintessential Wedding and a few years later Quintessential Photography was born.

My brilliant dad designed the lights on Marty McFly’s DeLorean gull wing doors. Any self-respecting Back To The Future fan will agree; it gets no cooler than this. I never got a test drive though.

I was pretty nippy back in the day. I outsprinted all the boys at school (kiss chase was all the motivation I needed), earned my place in the GB athletics team and can hand on heart tell you that standing on a podium whilst God Save The Queen plays is pretty damn special. 

Competitive is my middle name and wedding and family photography has filled the gaping hole that my athletic injuries left behind. I’m a self-confessed perfectionist and am always striving for self improvement and the perfect shot.

Tea please. White, no sugar, thanks very much. I’m partial to a jaffa cake too, and defy anyone to stop at just the one. 

To get a better picture of who I am and what I do, or to make a booking, find me on Instagram or Facebook, or let’s go old school and have a natter – drop me a line or give me a call.

Jo x