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As a family photographer with a real passion for capturing organic, real-life moments, I’m in my element photographing children and families in their own environments, focussing on natural moments, as they happen, without prompts or instruction. 

In the midst of lockdown, when shooting families other than my own was all but impossible, my own little pickle got very used to having the camera around. 

Losing a tooth is a big deal for kids and I was so pleased to be able to capture this series for my little one.

girl pulling wobbly tooth

When you’re a big Year 2 girl, losing a tooth is BIG news. You know exactly how many teeth every child in your class has lost, and the only topic of conversation that counts for anything is if the Tooth Fairy will come, and if she does, what she’ll use it for.  A sparkly turret for her castle perhaps? Or a window? Maybe even as a jewel for the Tooth Fairy Queen’s crown?

When school’s shut and you’ve got massive mirror doors in your bedroom, there’s no better entertainment than to pull and twist and tease. Having a wobbly tooth is like having a really crusty scab. Resisting the urge to have a good old, pull, pick and prod is futile.

girl wobbling her tooth
girl in Hitchin with a wobbly tooth
girl looking at wobbly tooth in mirror in Hitchin
girl with wobbly tooth

Got a family story to tell of your own? Message me for relaxed family photos and memories to treasure forever. I’m based in Hitchin, and many of the fabulous families and children I get to photograph live in and around Herts, but if you’re a bit further afield do get in touch – I’d love to hear all about you and the stories you’d like captured.


Camera gear tech stuff:

Camera: Canon 5D iv

Lens: Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II USM

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