Life on Lockdown

Life on Lockdown

I’ve been struggling with the words for this simultaneously surreal, scary and uncertain interval in life.

I’m doing my best to mute the scaremongering, the worry and the fear, and am making the most of extra family time, PJs til noon, PE with Joe and the growing sense of togetherness and compassion amongst neighbours and local communities. The glorious sunshine contradicts everything that’s going on and I’m grateful to see spring doing its thing regardless. Thank you spring.

Life was already pretty full-on before Covid19 crashed into our lives like an uninvited heckler wreaking chaos at a wedding, ‘does anyone here present know of any reason why life cannot continue as normal?’. We were running at full speed and the emergency stop’s caused us all to jiggle about a bit and start to find our new way.  

And here we now are. Home. Together. At least we’re able to count ourselves amongst the lucky ones. We have a lovely home, a garden and, thank the technological gods for Skype and WhatsApp video calls for sanity saving catch-ups with family and friends. Nobody within my little family of three is a key worker or on the front line in the health services fighting the virus. All we have to do is #stayhome (and survive homeschooling…). We’re only at the start of this global lockdown challenge and I’m already missing friends and loved ones enormously, but it’s not a lot to ask really is it?

Whilst we’re home I’m keeping a photo journal, a Lockdown Diary, so that in years to come we can look back on life during the surreal spring of 2020 and see what we did to get us through the days and weeks alone, together. I’ll be honest, it’s also a tool to help keep me sane. A little sense of normality and routine whilst work, school and everything else has stopped somewhat abruptly.

I’m forever saying how we all need to take more photos of regular, mundane family life. We’re being gifted three weeks of enforced home time (probably more if we’re facing up to it). There’s no better opportunity to grab pictures of your loved ones than now.

I’ll be updating and adding to this blog as the days roll into weeks, and if and when the weeks roll into months, it’ll just mean more and more pictures of how we muddled along together. And of our increasingly dodgy haircuts.

Who else is keeping a photo journal?

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// Day 1 //

Lego, Trampoline. Trampoline. Trampoline.

lego building during coronavirus lockdown
Lego building during coronavirus lockdown
choosing lego
trampoline during lockdown

// Day 2 //

Roses for remembrance. Trampoline. Cartwheels. Trampoline. Pottery painting. Basketball net building.

// Day 3 //

PE with Joe. Teaching the dolls (they were naughty…).

PE with Joe Wicks

// Day 4 //

Blue skies and blossom. Scooting past. Basketball practice.

child scooting past closed park coronavirus

// Day 5 //

Lego. PE with Joe. Homeschool. Trampoline. Static hair. Picnics with the babies (aka dolls). Catching up with school friends and hopeless selfies.

lego marble run during coronavirus lockdown
PE with Joe Wicks during coronavius lockdown
yoga during coronavirus lockdown

// Day 6 //

PE with Joe. Standard. Homeschool. Gardening and trampoline. Shadows.

// Days 7,8,9 //

Weekend Lego with Daddy (not sure who was most thrilled, Olivia or Daddy, that Daddy’s 30 year old retro Technic Lego still works). Nature exploring in the great outdoors (aka, the garden). Homeschool fun (‘homeschool’ is somewhat of a generous term for our mini lessons in the conservatory, but Olivia’s calling me Miss and I’m threatening to move her peg down, so there are some definite similarities…). Zoom meetings with school friends and twirly straws.

#lockdown #stayhome

// Day 10 //

PE with Joe. Cross Fit with cousins. Rainbow painting. Glitter. Times must be bad > I don’t do glitter.

rainbow painting #stayhome #lockdown #covid19
rainbow painting #stayhome


Stay safe and well. #stayhome x